When Belgian accessory label Titto hired Sandra Buyck as its designer, they benefitted from a breath of fresh air: a new daring creativity and constantly evolving inspiration. While Sandra always stays true to Titto's DNA, from the collections to the brand's photography, she doesnÂ’t hesitate to push all limits.

Staying in line with Titto’s signature aesthetic, Sandra dived head-first into the most beautiful and sustainable materials for Spring/Summer 2021. For her eight season at Titto, the Belgian designer fused nature’s most captivating elements and colourways. This resulted in a collection that – as one can expect from Titto – breathes a sense of ease, innovative elegance and playfulness.

Taking inspiration from the grandeur that our earth has to offer, Sandra selected four themes for the SS21 collection. Where ‘Virtual Garden’ embraces botanical prints, ‘Mineral Art’ highlights some of nature’s sweetest shades. Meanwhile, heavenly blues and earthy tones colour ‘Super Natural’, while Southern reds take centre stage in ‘Terra Tropicana’.

Titto is loved for its wide range of accessories that you can mix and match effortlessly. After all – the Titto woman likes to express herself through her jewellery. Whether it's a minimalist pair of earrings or a statement necklace: she's not afraid to select pieces based on what suits her mood. She is brave – bold, when she wants to be. This woman - the one always on the lookout for sustainable and unique pieces - inspires Sandra to shape and define the Titto DNA, season after season.


For SS21, the Titto women gets exactly what she asked for: the most beautiful aspects of nature, in the best way weÂ’ve seen them yet. Where Fall/Winter 2020 focussed on showstopping eyecatchers, Spring/Summer 2021 brings a balanced selection of minimalist pieces, Titto classics, multilayering designs and bolder options for those on the lookout to make a statement. This collection explores fresh and powerful ways to make the natural arsenal look its absolute brightest. A curated blend of semiprecious stones, natural resin and pearls harness the strength of the range, while unexpected newcomers provide that breath of fresh air that we all crave some summertime.

This Spring/Summer 2021 collection is a tribute to nature. Each theme makes us wander off to our favourite outside destinations – be it close by or abroad. 'Virtual Garden' takes us on a virtual walk through vibrant prints, which are both subtle and eye-catching and often feature a touch of jungle fever. ‘Mineral Art’ indulges in the opulence of whimsical minerals, while ‘Super Natural’ focusses on blues, browns and elegant nudes. To round things out, ‘Terra Tropicana’ brings us summery pieces with an irresistible Southern charm.

In short, SS21 transports you to brighter places: the colour spectrum makes you feel the sun on your skin, while the exciting contradiction between soft and textured materials takes you on an adventure abroad. Wandering through the beautiful selection of corresponding pieces, there’s the ease of selecting an existing set but also the possibility to mix and match to suit your summer mood. There are no limits – and that’s the absolute beauty of it.


Virtual Garden

It goes without saying that natural elements are the heart of Titto’s collections. For SS21, ‘Virtual Garden’ introduces us to a faraway garden where beautiful botanicals bloom. The featured colour palette is as versatile as Mother Nature herself: pale blues and greens fuse with pops of colour in bright yellow and orange. Jungle prints and fruity touches can be found anywhere – even in the smallest details on earrings. The summer shades provide endless possibilities to combine with other themes of the collection. Wear it however you like it: subtle or prominent – whatever feels natural to you.

Mineral Art

One of natureÂ’s sweetest colourways can be traced back to wonderful minerals. By exploring a variety of shades, Titto met its match for SS21 in sweet pastel tones and sparkling hues. Anything goes: from crystals to agate and the stunning artwork that nature has on offer. Cotton candy shades paint the canvas where pastel pinks, dreamy lilacs and soft yellows meet. Semiprecious stones and pearls are found in necklaces, bracelets and earrings, allowing for easy pairing to fit any kind of mood. Meanwhile, the mineralÂ’s signature glisten is captured in metallic threads that find their way into the wishlist-worthy scarf collection.

Super Natural

The third inspiration for the Spring/Summer 2021 collection could make a nature lover out of anyone. Heavenly blues and deep browns are the superheroes that colour ‘Super Natural’, while soothing nudes and sophisticated cream colours bring a well-rounded lightness to the designs. The natural hues can be found in flattering necklaces, dangling bracelets and statement earrings that combine perfectly with soft and airy scarves. By rooting her designs in nature, Sandra harnesses the power of these strong seasonal shades.

Terra Tropicana

You can’t say ‘summer’ without mentally heading south – or at least wandering off to Southern-inspired looks. Where we can almost feel the sun on our skin and the sand beneath our feet, the Southern charm has already worked its way into Titto’s Spring/Summer 2021 staples. For the final theme, ‘Terra Tropicana’ expresses itself in true terracotta shades, ranging from light pinks to deep marsala reds. Wear them ton-sur-ton or combine lights with darks to add contrast to your day-to-day looks - while flaunting the flattering colour range that compliments all skin tones and summer tans.

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